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Araş. Gör. Erhan Yumuk, Araş. Gör. Çağrı Güzay

General information:

There are some control systems on which basic control methods are implemented by undergraduate students in the laboratory. In addition, the undergraduate and graduate students carry out some studies on these systems for their final projects or master thesis. These control systems are as follows.

Experiments conducted in laboratory:

  • Ball and Beam: Ball and Beam plant is a model related to real life challenges such as aircraft roll control. The objective in this plant is to design a cascade control to stabilize ball.
  • Winding Plant: Winding plant is a model for industrial paper printing platform. The objective in this plant is to design controller which winds and unwinds the paper in a desired rotational speed and a desired constant tension.
  • Helicopter Plant: Helicopter plant which has 3 degree of freedom is a simplified helicopter model. The objective in this plant is to design a control system to track and regulate the elevation and travel angles of the 3-DOF Helicopter.
  • Active Suspension System: The Active Suspension is a bench-scale quarter-car model for automotive industry. The objective in this plant is to design a controller to improve the various suspension performance such as ride comfort, road handling etc.
  • Quadrotor Plant: The quadrotor is an rotary wing plantform for unmanned vehicle applications such as motion planning, obstacle avoidance, autonomous operation etc.