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Room number:


Laboratory manager:

Prof. Dr. Metin Gökaşan, Asst. Prof. Ali Fuat Ergenç

Laboratory staff:

Res. Asst. Handan Nak, Res. Asst. Şirin Akkaya, Eng. Hasan Altıngül

General information:

The laboratory has been renovated with donation of Rockwell Automation company in 2013, and equipped by the latest industrial automation devices. The task of laboratory is providing a basis for targets of academia and industry in power and motion control applications, and development of new technologies through university industry collaboration.

Laboratory facilities:

12 education and research sets – 2 Allen Bradley ControlLogix series PLC, 1 SIL (Safety Integrity Level) CompactLogix series PLC, redundant Etherner/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet communication modules, different input output unites, PowerFlex ac motor driver, Kinetix servo motor driver and HMI panel. PowerBench set – Coupled ac-dc motor set, PowerFlex Dc Drive four  quadrant operation motor driver, PowerFlex755 ac motor driver. 6 compact motion control sets – Delta robot, directdrive linear motor, resonant load, rotary knife, vertical load, crankshaft system. 2 cartesian robots and conveyor belt (Schneider Electric) Computers, required software (RSLinx, RSLinx Enterprise, RSLogix 5000, FTView Studio), general laboratory equipments (measuring devices, hand tool, etc.), a section equipped with the necessary equipment can be used for giving a lecture course and conducting seminars.

Experiments conducted in laboratory:

Inverted pendulum, magnetic levitation, double tank liquid level control

Purpose of usage:

Research projects, undergrudate courses, undergraduate senior design projects, MSc and PhD thesis studies, training and project activities within the scope of university-indusrty collaboration